The Marathi Bhashik Mandal (MBM), Toronto Inc. is a non-profit, cultural organization serving the Toronto Metropolitan area. It was established in 1968 by immigrants from Maharashtra, India to create a Marathi Community in GTA to foster, celebrate and share vibrant Marathi cultural heritage. The MBM organizes various cultural events throughout the year and encourages participation from small children to senior community members. It provides a platform for members to showcase their talents and encourages local artists to participate in many dazzling events.

  • Provide a forum to maintain and share the Marathi culture and heritage.
  • Educate Canadian Marathi younger generation about their origin.
  • Interact with other communities with a view to promote unity.
  • Foster friendship with other not for profit organizations/charity organizations to share cultural activities and provide a helping hand in charity drives.
  • Contribute to humanitarian causes.
  • Contribute to the social and cultural life in Canada.
  • Foster friendship with the Marathi speaking communities living in other cities of Canada & US.
  • Promote and preserve the cultural and linguistic heritage.
  • Cultivate and promote Marathi culture by organizing various cultural events and social activities.

We warmly welcome people of all ages who are proud Canadian Marathi and wish to preserve and celebrate Marathi Heritage and Culture.

MBM Toronto organizes over 20 small and big events throughout the year. Our events need a lot of planning, preparation and also a very tight operational strength. To achieve this massive effort, MBM looks forward to VOLUNTEERS who want to contribute to a wonderful cause.

If you think you are the right person, feel free to register yourself on this form:


For any queries, feel free to contact: prandsm@mbmtoronto.com

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