MBM invites you to join us for our new initiative of Collaborative Commuting – MBM Car Pool.

Inviting Car Pool Drivers and Car Pool Passengers!!

We at MBM recognize the need of creating a better way of commuting while you enjoy our events. Driving is not just a stressful activity, but each individual driver adds to the ever increasing traffic, pollution as well as parking needs. Most MBM events are held across the GTA and people are travelling from as far as Ottawa. We request each and every one to extend the empty spaces in your car to another person willing to travel to the venue, residing in your locality.

How will you do it?

Fill out a simple form. We can’t match your exact addresses, but will connect you with people and you can then take it forward.

We appreciate everyone who is giving a ride to others but leave it upto each group of driver and passengers to manage their ride cost share (if any). We look forward to your participation for this environmentally friendly effort and wish you a great ride to the event.

Important note : MBM Toronto Inc. is not responsible for any unforeseen incidents, accidents, payment issues, collection issues, delays etc. related to the carpooling initiative. We are only making a sincere effort to connect fellow travelers in and around your area without taking any responsibility of any consequence.

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