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सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः – May All be Free from Diseases

You would have seen the havoc caused by Covid-19 in India.  The news coverage is heart breaking.  I am sure all of us would want to help India at the time of this catastrophe in some shape or form.  At this time, all we can do from half the world away is to provide financial help to buy equipment such as oxygen cylinders, vaccines and other equipment.
MBM is supporting MSSO & ICCC in their initiatives towards raising funds for this pandemic. MBM is also collecting donations which will be evenly donated further to ICCC & MSSO.

1.    MSSO (Maharashtra Seva Samiti Organisation) which has been actively helping charitable activities in Maharashtra since 1984.  Its Toronto chapter is administered by Ajit Bapat, whom many of us would know.

MSSO has ties with the following three hospitals:

  • Hospital at Lok Briadari Prakalp, Hemalkasa (looked after by Dr. Prakash Amte)
  • Vivekanand hospital at Latur (looked after by Dr. Ashok Kukade)
  • Walawalkar hospital, Dervan, Konkan (looked after by Dr. Suvarna Patil)

All funds raised through this donation drive will be used for dealing with Covid-19 in India.

2.    ICCC – Indo Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

ICCC is bringing together 82 other Indo-Canadian organizations from coast to coast with the objective of raising awareness and creating resources for oxygen and other aid to India’s suffering from the pandemic. Their aim is mainly to provide Oxygen Concentrators which have to be imported in India. They are working with the Government of Canada & India at the highest Levels to ensure the Oxygen concentrators reach the needy in time without any delay in the Logistical Supply Chain.
They have tied up with Philanthropy partners like VRAJ Community Services through whom, they have already sent 1000+ concentrators to India. Their Philanthropy partners procure oxygen concentrators and generators in bulk globally.

These in turn connect with their Oxygen Delivery partners in India like CHAI ( Catholic Hospital Association of India), Tata Steel Pragati & more to deliver in Tier 2 & 3 cities. Their Key Impact Donors match some of the donation received to double the Impact.

3.    MBM is also collecting Funds to evenly distribute to ICCC & MSSO. To donate:

MBM is organizing a Fund Raiser on 12 June @ 8 PM – to propel & publicize these initiatives. We will be hosting a musical event: Pancham: the Genius of R D BURMAN.

All of the Proceeds from Ticket sales will be donated. MBM will Equally match the proceeds received from the ticket sales. This will Double the amount collected from Ticket Sales. The total amount will be distributed equally to MSSO & ICCC.
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